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Famille Ravoire is a team of men and women who are passionate about their profession and practice their skills with enthusiasm. Under the direction of Olivier Ravoire, the company is developing in a sustainable way, drawing upon a team that is united and involved throughout the wine production process.

More photos of the team will be added to this page in the coming months


It all starts in the heart of the vineyards, among the vines, where our partner winegrowers work daily to preserve the terroirs and ensure that the soil can give its very best. Their work produces grapes with rich aromas, expressing the full typical character of their appellation.



Our oenologist Pierre Vieillescazes performs a work of true alchemy as he selects the finest parcels of land. He uses his experience and knowledge of the trade to plan and design the future blends of our wine ranges, and to mature our Rhône wines in oak barrels in our Châteauneuf-du-Pape cellar.



Bottling is a stage that requires great attention and many adjustments to avoid altering the quality of the wine and to ensure it ages well over the years. The process is conducted at our Salon-de-Provence site by experienced teams, pouring all of their expertise into making the most effective use of our bottling tools.



Our staff follow up orders, plan production, manage procurement and ship wines with care and professionalism to ensure fast and fluid responses to our customersʼ requests.

As our wines are available through several distribution channels in France and abroad, the expertise of our sales manager and our agents enables our wine to be placed and promoted effectively in a way that is tailored to our customers’ needs.


Lastly, the marketing team promotes our wines, designing packaging that satisfies our customersʼ expectations and producing targeted communication. In parallel, new innovative projects – which are embedded in our companyʼs DNA – are conducted in the digital and environmental sectors.

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