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Our history

An independent family business

RAVOIRE & FILS is an independent family-owned company specialised in wines from the Rhône Valley and Provence regions of France. Heir to secular savoir-faire, today our establishment exports to approximately 50 countries.

A few centuries ago: toward the middle of the 14th century the Provence region and neighbouring counties suffered from overpopulation, which entailed famine and an outbreak of plague. Within a few decades the combination of the two scourges caused the population to dwindle by half. This was followed by nearly a century of extreme poverty and it was only in the second half of the 15th century that peace returned and the villages were repopulated. As a result, the local authorities naturally turned to the neighbouring regions and countries and welcomed families coming from Italy and the Savoy region. In 1471, the Ravoire family - known at the time as ‘La Ravoyre’ – was among the immigrants from Savoie who settled in the Comtat Venaissin near Carpentras (the same year King René left the region of Anjou for his land in Provence).

Over the course of the four centuries that followed the immigration, successive generations in the Ravoire family will spread their roots in this territory of the Rhône Valley, in particular as wine-growers. The family becomes deeply attached to their vineyards and keen to tap into the potential of two unique wine-growing regions that are the Rhône Valley and Provence. In 1987, Roger Ravoire founded his family-owned company with the help of his wife Francine. In 2004, their son Olivier joins the family business which is known today under the name RAVOIRE & FILS and is implanted on two sites: Salon de Provence for the production facilities, and Châteauneuf-du-Pape which is where the store house, tasting cellar and the reception space are found.