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Vacqueyras Rouge
Our hopes are our weapons. If our ramparts are no longer strong, it is because our hands have been working the vines and our thoughts have been focused on the land.

This is a wine from the Vacqueyras vineyards situated at the foot of the Dentelles de Montmirail, more precisely on the Commune of Sarrians (Vaucluse). Here, the high Garrigues made of worn pebbles associated with the Mediterranean climate work wonders for the wine.

Wine-making process : Traditional wine-making process using de-stalked grapes, optimal gentle extraction during the fermentation with a long maceration of the juice /skins. The exact duration and the extraction method employed are adapted according to the weather/environmental conditions of the year, also to the regular tasting of the must.

Wine sensory analysis : Visual aspect: Shiny colour with purplish-blue hues.
Olfactory description: Intense nose, suggestive of red fruits, with smoked touches in the background.
Tasting: Potent mouth, supple and concentrated with blended tannins, characterised by pleasantly persistent aromas.

Suggested dish and wine associations : Local cuisine: lamb "à la provençale", grilled beef, and refined cheeses.

Best served between 16 and 18°C.
Ageing: Can be enjoyed immediately. 5 to 8 years keeping potential.


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