Ravoire & Fils master their 3000m2 production resources by creating 4 zones within fully air-conditioned premises.

Wine packaging preparation area:
the cuverie with its 4000 hl capacity fermenting room completely inerted by means of a nitrogen generator. The content volumes vary from 12 to 390 hectolitres, facilitating both a qualitative micro-selection and quality enhancement.

Packaging area:
a new, recently operational, 6000 bottle/hour bottling unit notably comprising a pre-filling and pre-capsuling bottle evacuation system ensuring the control of packaging operations by minimising the dissolved oxygen of the packaged wine. This unit is also designed to satisfy the most stringent hygiene regulations.

Tiré-bouché storage area:
offering optimal bottle storage primarily for the Olivier Ravoire range and partner Châteaux and Domains. Tiré-bouché (no capsules, unlabelled) bottling is commonly used with an eye to preserving intact the intrinsic qualities of each wine, optimising the date of bottling and ensuring in-bottle maturing.

Logistics area:
large area for the preparation of customer orders and the storage of end product awaiting departure.

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